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Health & Safety

Non-Toxic Ingredients

We research the health benefits of scents and our goal is to help our customers live a more healthy, well-balanced life. We use non-toxic biodegradable materials and our oils, diffusers and candles are safe for children and pets.

Health & Safety

Our employees and production processes comply with the strictest health and safety regulations. The well-being of our staff is our top priority. As such, we have developed health and safety procedures and protocols that minimize the risk of accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

In order to monitor compliance with health and safety regulations – both the ones developed by us and those by the industry – Essence360 has developed a special committee made up of employees and advisors from various departments. Continuous trainings and meticulous induction processes ensure company-wide understanding of every procedure and the measures that need to be taken in case of an emergency.

Sustainability & Community

Having built a business on sourcing natural ingredients, Essence360 is committed to sustainability. We believe that every conscientious business must make every effort not just to minimise their environmental footprint, but to improve the environment around them and globally.

Since Essence360 is a global player, we make sure to understand local environments and environmental needs. We spent years developing oils and technologies that are ethically sourced, manufactured, and developed.

Furthermore, we believe that a good business engages its community and tries to make a difference. That’s why we are highly involved in community activities and local charity organisations.