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Estate EST5000 Elizabeth

$3,800.00 $3,800.00

Elizabeth is a true commercial grade cool mist aromatherapy scent diffuser designed for round-the-clock use in large hotels, movie theaters, airports, gyms, big box stores, malls, banks, car dealerships and more. Built to powerfully cover spaces up to 5000 ㎥ with a built-in, long life-span air pump that can continuously operate up to 8000 hours.

The EST5000 diffusion system can connect to your HVAC system with its 500 ml internal bottle or with a 5 liter gallon bottle which is extremely convenient for refilling. Specially designed for your HVAc system and to fulfill the aromatic demands of large spaces.  

Additional features:

  • Cool mist aroma scent diffuser
  • Material: Metal durable shell, PC board, dual controls
  • Liquid Capacity: 500 ml or 5 liter bottle
  • 5000 cubic meter coverage
  • Built-in long lifespan air pump can operate continuously for up to 8000 hours
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Easy to operate with application including liquid level detection
  • Installation method: HVAC connection
  • Adopts fluid dynamics & siphon principles creating mist as small as a micron particle allowing scent to spread evenly and last longer
  • Accessories: 10mm & 6mm tube and connector for HVAC system, atomizer core, seal ring, metal key, metal bottle, adaptor, user manual, etc.

Dimension: W: 220mm x D: 156mm x H: 230mm

Net weight: 5.75 Kg